Smarter Energy For Runners

UCAN delivers steady, long-lasting energy for runners with no spikes and no crash. Learn more about our one-of-a-kind energy, powered by SuperStarch®.

Powered by SuperStarch®

Most endurance energy products have simple sugars or maltodextrin as their carbohydrate source and deliver quick bursts of energy that require repeated re-dosing. Our slow-releasing energy source, SuperStarch®, is changing the way runners fuel their training!

  • Long-Lasting Energy

    UCAN delivers a steady flow of energy to help you avoid the dreaded bonk!

  • No Spikes, No Crash

    Avoid the highs and lows of sugar-based fuels with our slow-releasing SuperStarch®.

  • Gentle on the Stomach

    Do you have trouble fueling before or during your training? SuperStarch® exits the stomach quickly and gives you steady energy without the heavy feeling.

  • Simplify Your Fueling

    Fuel with UCAN 30 min before your workout rather than sipping on it slowly like a traditional sports drink. Take 1 serving of UCAN every 60-90 minutes during your longer runs. No more re-dosing every 15-20 minutes!


Our experts are a collection of dietitians, strength coaches, trainers and researchers committed to innovation. Learn cutting-edge nutrition and training strategies from the very best!

UCAN is the first thing that goes into my system after a hard workout. It has been a game changer for me in terms of recovery. I don’t feel the soreness or aches and pains after a long run and I still have energy 2 or 3 hours later.

Meb Keflezighi

4x U.S. Olympian, Boston & NYC Marathon Champion

UCAN is a reliable fuel source for me, especially during times (like at the Olympics!) when there are so many things I can’t control. Fueling and recovery is so important to endurance athletes, and there’s no product I trust more than UCAN.

Alexi Pappas

Alexi Pappas, Professional Runner, Olympian, Filmmaker

Revolutionary is a strong word, but it completely fits. SuperStarch is completely revolutionizing the way I work with athletes. It’s completely changing the way sports dietitians, coaches, and athletes are thinking about how to fuel the body.

Bob Seebohar

2008 US Olympic Sports Dietitian

I like using UCAN before a big workout to get fueled without a heavy stomach. I have the UCAN Snack bars at the end of workouts to curb my carbohydrate cravings and the UCAN Hydrate for electrolytes in my day-to-day training. UCAN is part of my plan to change my metabolism before race day and become better at burning fat.

Dathan Ritzenhein

3x U.S. Olympian & Cross Country Champion