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Champion Swimmer Michael Andrew Joins Team UCAN

WOODBRIDGE, Conn. (September 4, 2019) – UCAN, energy innovator of SuperStarch®, announced today that swimming phenom Michael Andrew joins the company as its newest UCAN athlete. As a UCAN athlete, Andrew commits to training and competing with UCAN’s SuperStarch, a complex carbohydrate that is scientifically shown to deliver long-lasting and steady energy without sugar spikes or sugar crashes.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Michael Andrew as a UCAN athlete as he experiences the energy benefits of SuperStarch and values it as an essential part of his training regimen,” said Shoba Murali, CEO, UCAN. “Michael is a wonderful example of an athlete who follows a low-carbohydrate and ketogenic diet while putting faith in our complex carbohydrate to give him sustained energy. We’re looking forward to Michael sharing his SuperStarch journey in and out of the pool as he continues to compete on the world swimming circuit.”

About Michael Andrew

Michael Andrew is an athletic phenom, famous for breaking the most National Age Group Records in USA Swimming history (100+). He’s the youngest swimmer ever to turn pro, doing so at the age of 14. Most recently, he tied Michael Phelps as the second-fastest 100M USA swimmer of all time.

Andrew has never been one to follow the pack – not afraid to try new ways to achieve success in the competitive swimming world. As one example, he uses a unique training methodology called Ultra Short Race Pace Training (USRPT). This streamlined training methodology maximizes performance while minimizing time in the pool – making each workout as efficient as possible.

Andrew’s use of UCAN SuperStarch is another example of his adoption of cutting-edge science to support his efficiency and performance. UCAN’s unique SuperStarch provides long-lasting, slow-burning carbohydrate energy to help Andrew get through grueling workouts and competitions.

“I started using UCAN when I was searching for a carb that wouldn’t spike my insulin while I ate a predominantly low carb/Keto diet. UCAN’s SuperStarch has no hidden sugars in it, and I love that,” commented Michael Andrew, professional swimmer and UCAN athlete. “SuperStarch is the only carbohydrate product I have ever used that gives me lasting energy while allowing me to stay in ketosis during training sessions and long competitions. Since UCAN is a food product and not a supplement, as well as being backed by peer-reviewed studies, I whole-heartedly recommend it to anybody of any age.”

Andrew joins a long list of elite athletes powered by UCAN, including world champion triathlete Tim O’Donnell and professional runner Alexi Pappas.