David Feldman, DMD. :: Chief Operating Officer, GlyGenix Therapeutics, Inc.

David Feldman is a co-founder of The UCAN company and is currently a member of its Board of Directors. The UCAN company is a nutraceutical company involved in optimizing energy balance with unique consumer nutritional products for use in many fields, including sports nutrition and weight management. He also co-founded GlyGenix Therapeutics and currently serves as its Chief Operating Officer. He continues to be active in growing all aspects of the business since its inception in 2006. Dr. Feldman's involvement with biotechnology stems from the 2001 diagnosis of his oldest son with Glycogen Storage Disease Type 1a. In 2002, Dr. Feldman and his wife, Dr. Wendy Becker, founded The Children's Fund for GSD Research to help find a cure for GSD1. The Children's Fund is the leading foundation in the world for GSD1 research. Dr. Feldman received his BA from Colgate University, a DMD from the University Of Connecticut School Of Dental Medicine and a Certificate of Orthodontics from SUNY Stony Brook.

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