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Endeavor's stance on sports nutrition is simple :: Provide the body the right type of fuel at the right times to facilitate maximal performance and recovery.

The UCAN Company has designed a truly revolutionary sports nutrition mix, known as Generation UCAN. Generation UCAN is powered by a unique, healthy ingredient SuperStarch, which gives an athlete the ability to enhance performance, sustain energy, and burn fat. SuperStarch is scientifically proven to make athletes more metabolically efficient by providing a constant carbohydrate energy source, allowing the body to continue to burn fat, without the GI distress that is common when using other sports nutrition products.

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SuperStarch represents a major innovation in the sports drink industry that provides the athlete with dual-fuel power characterized by extended blood glucose maintenance and enhanced fat burning.

~ Dr. Jeff Volek, PhD, RD, Associate Prof. of Kinesiology,
   University of Connecticut, and Co-Author of The New Atkins for a New You

In general, athletes need two types of nutrition to help fuel their high performance during training, practice, and games, and to help them recover and rebuild following these efforts:

1) Sports Drink (Simple carbohydrate to deliver a continuous supply for energy)
2) Recovery Drink (Simple carbohydrate and quality protein to replenish energy stores and rebuild damaged muscles)

The problem is with traditional sports nutrition drinks, including commonly used sports drinks that are filled with sugar. This large intake of sugar results in a rapid increase in blood glucose (the scientific term for blood sugar), causing a spike in glucose.

Figure 1. A demonstration of the rapid increase in blood sugar that results from maltodextrin, a slightly more "complex" sugar source commonly found in many popular sports drinks. Note that SuperStarch curve shows a more consistent delivery of energy, keeping you above baseline longer.

Unfortunately this rapid increase is followed by a rapid energy fall (crash), as high blood sugar levels stimulate a hormone known as insulin, whose job is to pull the excessive glucose (sugar) from the blood and store it within the muscles or convert it to fat.

Figure 2. Comparing the insulin response to maltodextrin and SuperStarch. Note that SuperStarch actually shows suppressed insulin levels during and after exercise when compared to maltodextrin.

So what's the big deal with increased insulin? Well, as insulin levels rise, your body's ability to use fat as an energy source decreases substantially. Additionally, constant the spike and crash pattern of blood glucose and insulin just isn't healthy and could lead to obesity and diabetes.

Figure 3. In comparison to maltodextrin, consuming SuperStarch leads to a significantly greater amount of fat breakdown during and after exercise.

Sports drinks and post-workout shakes are not inherently bad, but
Generation UCAN's SuperStarch-based drinks provide a healthier, more
effective alternative.

Traditional sports drinks:

1. Cause high osmotic stress
2. Spike blood glucose and insulin
3. Result in rebound hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)
4. Potently block fat breakdown and fat burning

In comparison, Generation UCAN 's drinks:

1. Contain SuperStarch a natural energy source
2. Provide longer, more evenly sustained energy release
3. Suppress insulin release and aid in burning fat
4. Help to maintain low body fat levels
5. Improved metabolic balance
6. Optimize recovery profile after exercise

This translates into:

Welcome to Generation UCAN :: Today's nutrition. Tomorrow's champions.
The athletic holy grail

At Endeavor Sports Performance, we take our athletics, our athletes and their development seriously. The role of nutrition is critically important and often overlooked. Generation UCAN drinks are being used by professional organizations and athletes in every major sport. It works, and the best athletes in the world rely on it to fuel them for consistent high performance. Here are some thoughts about Generation UCAN from other experts

Nutrition is a way for us to gain an advantage over our competition…Generation UCAN provides a higher-quality carbohydrate before and after strenuous durations of activity in order to sustain longer and more consistent
energy levels.

~ Dan Boothby, CSCS, Strength and Conditioning Coach,
   Northeastern University

An athlete using SuperStarch is like a hybrid car that can run on gas (carbs), but is more efficient, can last longer and perform better by running on alternative fuel (fat). I like SuperStarch because it is a completely different, healthier carbohydrate.

~ Dr. Jeff Volek, PhD, RD, Associate Prof. of Kinesiology,
   University of Connecticut, Author of over 200 published
   scientific manuscripts

Sugar-based sports nutrition products encourage the body to rely on carbohydrates for energy while suppressing the use of fat. SuperStarch aids in the breakdown and use of fat while simultaneously providing a more ideal release glucose profile.

~ Dr. Cathy Yeckel, Assistant Professor,
   Yale School of Public Health

SuperStarch is a new paradigm in sports nutrition. It will change the world of sports and consumer nutrition. Achieving metabolic efficiency and reducing gastric distress are the all important nutrition goals for the endurance athlete. SuperStarch puts the athlete in the ideal performance state.

~ Bob Seebohar, former sport dietician for the US Olympic Committee
Welcome to Generation UCAN :: Today's nutrition. Tomorrow's champions.
It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 ... Mix. Shake. GO.

Generation UCAN offers three types of drinks, both powered by SuperStarch::

1. Sports Drink Mix
2. Plain SuperStarch to add and mix to your liking
3. Protein Enhanced Sports Drink Mix

All of these drinks come loaded with the electrolytes you need. In general, the best way to use these is to drink one serving of the Sports Drink Mix about 30 minutes before, and drink one serving of the Protein Enhanced Sports Drink Mix immediately following your training session, practice or game. This way your body has the fuel it needs to perform at a high level, and the carbohydrate and protein combination it needs to restore and rebuild afterwards.

For athletes over 200 lbs, it may be advantageous to double these recommendations. Also, for athletes interested in adding muscle mass, drinking two servings of the Protein Enhanced Sports Drink Mix following your activity will help provide the extra calories, carbohydrates, and protein necessary for you to achieve your goal.

For more information, check out their website, www.generationucan.com. It's chock full of information, science, testimonials, recipes and more.

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If you're interested in purchasing Generation UCAN sports nutrition products in bulk to provide for your athletes, please contact:: Seth Bronheim (seth.bronheim@ucanco.com). Generation UCAN's customer service is second-to-none; they will do everything in their power to help you.

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