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vince wilfork - UCAN sports drink

"Generation UCAN has products that beat any sports drinks on the market, or even any pre-workout meal or nutritional strategy. The bottom line is that everyone wants more energy before they compete, whether this is in the weight room, on the field, in the water, or in the office. Generation UCAN can and will provide this. If you don't want more energy, you shouldn't be on this website. But when you are ready, you definitely want Generation UCAN on your side when you go into battle.

The real key to more energy is balancing blood sugar. This is because we don't just want energy, but we want long-lasting energy. The reason we get cranky and tired (besides lack of sleep) during the day is low blood sugar, or high blood sugar that drops fast (how do you feel 10 minutes after you have a sugary drink?).

I have always preached nutrition regimens that focus on balancing blood sugar, but nothing has ever come close to the way I felt after the first time I tried Generation UCAN. I had purchased six packets of Generation UCAN for my friend and I to try. My body is my laboratory, and I also try nutritional experiments out on my friends who take training and physical excellence seriously. The first time my friend and I tried it was 30 minutes before a hill sprinting session. The way my friend said it (right after the session) was, "From the neck down, my body is trashed." Usually after a hill sprinting session, your brain is fatigued and tired. But, not after drinking the UCAN shake.

If you want to take your training and sport to a higher level, Generation UCAN's "Superstarch" will help you get there by keeping your blood sugar balanced. When you have balanced blood sugar, your body doesn't have to break down muscle, and this is huge for helping the body recover from exercise. You have to remember that the faster the body recovers, the better the body is for the next day of practice or weight training. In addition, because your blood sugar is balanced, and you have that steady-stream of energy, you are less likely to get hungry during your practice or training session.

Generation UCAN's SuperStarch is really exciting because it has incredible implications for improving energy and recovery. It can really help in sports, in which practice or training is long, but you have to stay focused. Your body will probably be only marginally less tired (you will get a small boost from adequate blood sugar levels), but more significantly, your brain will not be fatigued at all. It is much easier to "dig deep" when you can maintain focus throughout, and the mind is sharper than normal."

~ Seth Bronheim

Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist

Seth Bronheim is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist and a Certified Fitness Trainer. He has a master's degree in clinical nutrition. A swimmer and tennis player, he developed his passion for fitness in high school while trying to lose weight and improve his own performance. Seth specializes in nutrition optimization for exercise, athletics, health, and weight management.


LOCATION :: New York, NY

SPORT(S) :: Weightlifting, tennis, swimming


FAV. UCAN FLAVOR :: Chocolate

FAV. UCAN MOMENT :: The incredible feeling I had after the first time I tried the product.

MUSIC LISTENTING TO RIGHT NOW :: Counting Crows and U2 for relaxing, Eminem and Rocky soundtrack for training


FAV. QUOTE :: "It's you against you, its the paradox that drives us on"