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Following are answers to some common questions regarding our product.


What exactly is Generation UCAN?
How are athletes supposed to use your product?
What about taking UCAN "during" activity?
What is "SuperStarch" and how is it better than anything else on the market?
Is Generation UCAN FDA Certified?
How long as Generation UCAN been around?
Have there been any reported cases of side effects or illness as the result of your product?
Can a person overdose or take too much UCAN?
Why did you name the company Generation UCAN?
Is Generation UCAN available in brick-and-mortar locations?
How much does Generation UCAN cost?
Do you offer free shipping?
What is your return policy?
Is your e-commerce site safe from online fraud?
How many flavors does Generation UCAN have?
Is your product natural? Gluten-free?
Do you classify as a dietary supplement?
Is your product good for diabetes?
Does The UCAN Company have sports nutrition expertise?
Are you planning other formats for the product?