Andie Cozzarelli

Olympic Marathon Trials Qualifier, UCAN Baker

Andie started running in middle school to beat her older sister and hasn’t looked back since! She’s a semi-professional distance runner and part of the Raleigh Distance Project. She qualified for the 2016 Olympic Marathon Trials and is a graduate of North Carolina State University, where she was a 2-time Division I All-American. Andie is passionate about sharing her experiences with fellow runners and about food and nutrition. She writes about her running, her favorite recipes, and much more on her blog.

UCAN Bars all day! I keep the Coffee and Peach bars in my bags for whenever I need them and love the Peanut Butter bars for my mid-morning/mid-afternoon snack at home. Adding UCAN to my diet keeps me from getting ‘hangry’ due to low blood sugar, a problem I had prior to using UCAN. If I am at home, I will make UCAN smoothies with added fruits and veggies.

Andie Cozzarelli, Olympic Marathon Trials Qualifier, UCAN Baker