Bar Malik

Director of Performance, New York Knicks

Bar Malik is the Director of Performance for the New York Knicks. He oversees all of strength and conditioning for the basketball team and is heavily involved with on-court player development and sports science. Prior to joining Knicks, he worked with Major League Baseball’s Pittsburgh Pirates for six years as their strength and conditioning coach. Bar received his Masters in Human Movement, is an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with Distinction (CSCS*D) and received a Certificate of Excellence for work he did with US Army.

I was looking for a product that guys could take that wasn’t going to make them feel full before a game. A colleague of mine recommended UCAN. I started giving the product to our players and they feel more prepared when they use UCAN. Guys can stay fueled throughout a game without the spikes in blood sugar that cause them to crash. From the 1st quarter to the 4th quarter, they feel like they have sustained energy when they use UCAN.

Bar Malik, Director of Performance, New York Knicks