Josh Izewski

On Zap Endurance Athlete, 2020 Olympic Marathon Trials Qualifier,

Josh is a native of Doylestown, PA and a 2013 graduate of the University of Florida. He currently runs for On Zap Endurance, racing everything from 5k to Marathon. Before joining Zap as one of their resident pro runners, Josh competed in the competitive ITU triathlon circuit for 3 years. During his marathon debut at the California International Marathon in 2018, which was also the Marathon Championships, Josh placed 3rd overall and ran an Olympic Trials Qualifying time of 2:13.16. His overall goals are to compete at the highest level in the sport – the Olympics, World Championships, World Marathon Majors, and more! His short-term goals are to run sub 2:10, and ultimately qualify for the 2020 Olympic Team.

I have been using UCAN for 2 years now and it’s made a world of difference in my training. On long, marathon specific days, I don’t find my self breaking down toward the end of 20+ mile runs, and I recover much faster post-run. I love taking the Performance Energy powder before/after workouts and use the Hydrate electrolyte packets during my runs. Since using UCAN, I haven’t bonked on any workout thanks to the slow-release, long-lasting energy from SuperStarch!

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