Lindsey Hein

Marathon Runner, Mom, Podcaster

Lindsey Hein, host of the running podcast “I’ll Have Another with Lindsey Hein” is a runner, a mom of 4 and she’s passionate about finding balance and setting big goals. You’ll find her at races and events around the Country sharing her love for running and community with live podcast recordings and meet ups. Lindsey has run 14 marathons and continues to go down the road of marathoning after the birth of her fourth child. She’s running the Boston Marathon this spring and has her sights set on a marathon PR in the fall.

I’ve been using UCAN since training for the Shamrock Marathon in 2013 and really believe in the products. I don’t get any long run bonks and my energy stays consistent throughout workouts and races. I credit that to proper fueling with UCAN.

Lindsey Hein, Marathon Runner, Mom, Podcaster