Mark Fitzgerald

Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Anaheim Ducks

Mark Fitzgerald is Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Anaheim Ducks. Mark previously worked as the Head of Performance and Nutrition for the Canadian Hockey League, where he oversaw the combine development program and implemented many unique nutritional and educational programs. He also served as the strength coach for the American Hockey League’s Toronto Marlies from 2009-2014. In addition, he owns Elite Training Systems, a high-performance training center that caters to athletes from all sports. Mark is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), and is currently finishing his Masters Degree in Kinesiology via Cal State Fullerton University.

What my athletes notice with UCAN is that they don’t crash. That’s a big deal for me as a coach. You want to be honest with your players. I know it works. That’s what resonated with me and with athletes, especially with ones that have had different products thrown at them with promises of ‘x, y, and z.’ With UCAN it’s not about promises, it’s just consistency.

Mark Fitzgerald, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Anaheim Ducks