Natasha van der Merwe

Pro Triathlete, Coach, Mother

Natasha Van Der Merwe is a pro triathlete from South Africa. She started as a pro tennis player before first trying triathlon at the age of 27. Since turning pro, she’s competed in 30+ Ironman events, with numerous top-10 finishes over her career. Natasha is also a triathlon coach and the Director of Team Programs for Bicycle World, a bike shop with 6 locations in Texas. She lives in Austin, TX with her husband Steve and their daughter Nadine.

I was introduced to UCAN early in my triathlon career and have used it ever since. The biggest benefit I’ve found is the long-lasting energy throughout my workouts without any blood sugar drops. I can do a 5k swim session without having to think about refueling mid-swim. I’ve completed more than 20 Ironman 70.3 events and eight full Ironman races without any GI issues. With UCAN, the nutrition element of my training and racing is nailed and all I need to focus on is putting in the hard work.

Natasha van der Merwe, Pro Triathlete, Coach, Mother