Sarah Sellers

Professional Runner, Nurse Anesthetist

Sarah Sellers burst on to the professional running scene with a surprise 2nd place finish at the 2018 Boston Marathon. It was only the second marathon ever for Sarah, who was sidelined from running by stress fractures after a standout collegiate career at Weber State University. She trained for Boston while working full time as a nurse anesthetist, serving as an inspiration for everyday runners who like Sarah, also have to balance training and the desire to achieve a personal best with career and family responsibilities.

With a lot of traditional sports nutrition products, it’s easy to consume an insane amount of sugar that you’re not even realizing, so I think it’s really cool that UCAN is a digestible carbohydrate┬áthat keeps your blood sugar at a stable level so that sugar doesn’t have to be part of the pre-workout equation.

Before I was using UCAN, in the morning I’d usually try to have some type of carbohydrate about three hours before my workout and if I was going to do a hard workout at 4:00 AM, I’d wake up at 1:00 or 2:00 AM to have a snack and try to go back to sleep. I usually couldn’t sleep that well. The nice thing about using UCAN is that I can have it a half hour before my workout and get some more solid sleep.

Sarah Sellers, Professional Runner, Nurse Anesthetist