Tawnee Prazak Gibson

Endurance Planet Podcast Host, Sports Nutritionist, Triathlete

Tawnee Prazak Gibson, MS, CSCS, is from Laguna Beach, California, where she’s been working as a holistic health and endurance sports coach for the last decade. As a certified sports nutritionist, she specializes in guiding athletes to optimizing both their health and performance and avoiding the all-too-common trap of being “fit but unhealthy.”  She’s completed dozens of races herself, including the Ironman 70.3 World Championships (2x) and the Boston Marathon. Tawnee’s personal journey in sport has been in evolution in wellness. After years of beating up her body up, she focused more on health and healing without giving up training, which led her to UCAN. She is also the host and co-owner of the Endurance Planet podcast, one of the top-ranking podcasts in outdoor sports. When not in Laguna Beach, Tawnee and her husband John (who’s also an endurance athlete and co-owner of Endurance Planet) enjoy traveling the country with their family in their self-built Sprinter van. Look for them on a running trail or in a pool near you!

I am eternally grateful for UCAN not only for my own sport endeavors, but for my athletes and loved ones to have a clean source of fuel that keeps their health and wellness in check. On Endurance Planet, we often talk about fat-burning and healthy blood sugar levels for athletes, and UCAN goes hand in hand with the equation. UCAN has been fueling me for years now, mostly notably in my BQ marathon and at Boston.

Tawnee Prazak Gibson, Endurance Planet Podcast Host, Sports Nutritionist, Triathlete