“Triathlon” Taren Gesell

Ironman Triathlete, Triathlon Coach, Podcaster

Triathlon Taren is a triathlete, an IRONMAN U Certified Coach and ISSA Certified Specialist in Sports Nutrition. Taren has made triathlon and endurance sports a way of life, having competed in countless sprint, Olympic, half-Ironman, and Ironman races including a 9:41 finish at Challenge Roth 2019. It’s his passion to bring tips on healthy living and triathlon training to amateur athletes and “Trainiacs” around the world. He lives in Winnipeg, Canada with his wife Kim and their two dogs.

“As I became more aware of the benefits of moderating blood glucose and being able to access fat as fuel, I looked for different energy sources. I wanted something that provided a sustained source of energy that would last for the many hours required to finish a 70.3 or IRONMAN successfully. I’ve tested UCAN with a continuous blood glucose monitor and in real-world testing at races and in training. In all cases, UCAN is a great tool for athletes looking for a sustained energy source without the risk of crashing or experiencing digestive issues.”
“Triathlon” Taren Gesell, Ironman Triathlete, Triathlon Coach, Podcaster