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elvis wilfork - UCAN sports drink

"After hearing about athletes "accidentally" testing positive for banned substances or stories of companies having banned ingredients in their products, I was always skeptical about ANY product. That is until one day a close friend of mine and training partner (who researches anything he puts into his body) recommended using Generation UCAN. So I tried the product, had a great workout, no big deal. I went the next day without using it and had the worst workout. The difference was night and day.

With UCAN, I felt like I had a second, third, and fourth wind of energy between each set. I was able to train at a higher intensity for longer workouts without feeling the usual faintness and fatiguing, and I'm talking about 4 hours of intense workouts! Within three weeks of using the product, my body fat went from 12% to 6%! No more Gatorade stomach aches or Red Bull spike and crash. I passed this product on to half of my teammates and triathlon friends and they all felt the same effects. We even had a girl qualify for World Championships and improve so much, she won the bronze medal! This is no mental trick. GENERATION UCAN WORKS!"

~ Elvis Burrows

Olympic Swimmer

Elvis Burrows is a speeding blur in the water. He represented the Bahamas in the 2008 Beijing Olympics and holds the country's national record in the 50-meter freestyle, 100-meter freestyle, 50-meter butterfly, and 100-meter butterfly. A former swimmer at the University of Kentucky, he set school records in the 50-yard butterfly and 100-yard butterfly. Burrows is dreaming big for the future. He hopes to place top ten at the Olympics.

NICKNAME :: Black Magic


SPORT(S) :: Swimming


FAV. UCAN FLAVOR :: Pomegranate Blueberry, Lemonade

FAV. UCAN MOMENT :: Great performance at 2009 World Championships in Rome, Italy

MUSIC LISTENTING TO RIGHT NOW :: From Rick Ross and Lil Wayne to Tiesto and Skrillex, I listen to a wide spectrum of music.

FAV. SPORTS MOVIE :: I hate sports movies

FAV. QUOTE :: "The family that I live for only breathes the air that smells of combat!" -The Ultimate Warrior

OTHER HOBBIES :: Music Production and Songwriting.