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linda wilfork - UCAN sports drink

"UCAN, once my secret weapon, has absolutely enhanced my training and race performance. As I have become more metabolically fit, consuming UCAN before and after races allows me the freedom to perform at a very consistent level and to maintain an even glucose level while eliminating the "yo-yo effect" once so prevalent for me. Beyond how it has raised the bar in my racing performance, most exciting to me is that I no longer have to worry about carbohydrate loading. I am free because UCAN empowered me!!"

~ Linda Quirk


In 2010, 57 year-old Linda Quirk showed us all that age is nothing more than a number, as she became the first American woman and oldest person to run four 155-mile races across four deserts - the Atacama (Chile), the Gobi (China), the Sahara (Egypt) and the Antarctica deserts - in under a year. Linda completed the four deserts using only UCAN as an energy source and embodies the UCAN spirit. She's running the world to raise money and awareness for the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction, a cause close to her heart because of her stepdaughter's battle with meth addiction. Linda began her worldwide journey in 2008, running a marathon on each of the planet's seven continents.

NICKNAME :: Used to be "JEWELS"

LOCATION :: Jacksonville, Fl

SPORT(S) :: Ultra-Marathons/Marathons

UCAN WORD :: Ucan Dream Big!

FAV. UCAN FLAVOR :: Chocolate

FAV. UCAN MOMENT :: Completing the 4 Deserts Grand Slam using only UCAN!


FAV. SPORTS MOVIE :: Run for your Life

FAV. QUOTE :: "If you can see it, you can do it. If you Believe it, it will happen.. So Dream Big!"