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How to Make a UCAN Gel

Creating your own “UCAN gel” will help you avoid the spike & crash and bellyaches of sugar-based energy gels and chews. For endurance athletes that need to fuel training sessions and races longer than 90 minutes, this is your answer!

A UCAN gel can be made easily by mixing UCAN with less water to create a paste. Once you figure out the right mix, your training and racing will never be the same!

How to Make a UCAN Gel

Here’s the simplest way to make a UCAN gel:

  • Mix 1 serving of UCAN with 2-4 oz. water and stir vigorously.
  • Carry your UCAN gel in a flask, reusable food pouch, or ziplock bag.
  • 1 serving of UCAN in gel form gives you 60-90 minutes of steady energy. Consume a serving every 60-90 minutes, or double up and go longer without needing to fuel.

Why to Fuel with UCAN Gels

Many athletes choose to make the switch to UCAN gels over traditional gels because they’ve experienced GI distress or want longer lasting energy.

Elizabeth is a marathon runner who started using UCAN gels in training for the Boston Marathon after repeatedly experiencing GI distress from sugar-based fuels. Once she started fueling with UCAN gels, she was able to simplify her nutrition plan and make her stomach happier.

“As my long runs for Boston increased to over 16 miles, I started to take UCAN on the go,” writes Elizabeth. “I would still take a serving 30 minutes beforehand, and then about 80-85 minutes into the run, I would take a UCAN gel.”

UCAN Gel Recipes

There are many ways to get creative with your UCAN gels. Check out more ways to mix and carry UCAN below!

So What? I Run shares how she uses UCAN for ultra-running in this video, as she combines UCAN with coconut water to make a gel.

DIRECTIONS: Add 1 scoop of UCAN to bowl. Pour coconut water bit by bit and stir until it’s the consistency of frosting. Use more coconut water to make it less thick. Add electrolyte powder (optional) and stir again. Spoon into small ziplock bag. 1 gel lasts 60-90 minutes.