The UCAN Company is built on passion...

  • To be better.
  • To energize.
  • To be healthy.
  • To make a difference.
  • To have fun.
  • To achieve.
  • To change the nutritional landscape for everyone.

We began by building our management team - a team that believes in the value of SuperStarch, the revolutionary carbohydrate powering Generation UCAN's sports energy drinks. Our company holds the worldwide license to the use of this patent pending technology for consumer nutrition. We scientifically validated its use and are now convinced of its potential. We formed an advisory board with professionals who were driven like us to make a difference - all joining Generation UCAN - a generation that strives to be better, more productive and most importantly, healthier.

For more information on our brand and story, visit generationucan.com. For investor information, write to investinfo@ucanco.com. For product information, write to info@ucanco.com.

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