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The Stealth Marketing Strategy Behind This Multimillion-Dollar Sports Nutrition Startup", Inc. Magazine

Generation UCAN counts among its fans 60 college athletic teams, the New England Patriots, and former Boston Marathon winner Meb Keflezighi. Here's how it happened.

Boston Marathon Winner Meb Keflezighi Proud Team Member of Generation UCAN

Fresh off the heels of his Boston Marathon victory, Meb Keflezighi is rightfully considered one of the country's most successful endurance runners, and the 38 year-old elite athlete continues to consider Generation UCAN a valuable part of his training regimen and personal success.

Meb Keflezighi on "LIVE with Kelly and Michael"

Meb Keflezighi chats with SI Now

Meb Keflezighi Answers Fan Question with Parade Magazine

"Love It, Like It, Hate It - Sports Drinks", ABC 26 New Orleans,0,940264.story

Love it! Generation UCAN – Cran-Raz. It's a powdered drink mix made with 'Superstarch' – which uses cornstarch instead of sugars, so UCAN provides sustained energy with stable blood sugar levels, instead of an energy spike then crash.

The Science Behind High Molecular Carbohydrates", Competitor

"The term, 'accidental art,' which describes instances where masterpieces are created more out of chance, is the case with the origins of Generation UCAN, as the quest for a slower metabolized starch started with a boy named Jonah and a rare disease in which his body can't naturally produce glucose."

"Snacking Tips for Peak Performance", MSN Fitbie

If you want to look like an athlete you're going to have to eat like one. These snacking tips from Tara Mardigan, RD, the nutritionist to the Boston Red Sox, will show you how to fuel your body like a pro.

Instead of reaching for a sports drink or caffeinated energy beverage, try Generation Ucan powdered drink mix. "Most sports drinks tend to spike your blood sugar and then drop it really quickly because they're made of simple sugars like glucose or sucrose," says Mardigan. "The complex carbohydrates in Generation Ucan provide sustained energy without being hard to digest like high fiber foods." It also stabilizes blood sugar so your body can burn stored fat for fuel.

"The Patriots' Secret Performance Enhancer", Men's Health

"While you plow your way through seven-layer dip and a pile of wings this Super Bowl Sunday, you can bet that the Patriots will be fueling up, too. Only they'll be taking a far more scientific approach. You might even say they have a secret weapon. Its name: superstarch."

"Nutrition 'Super' Carbs", UltraRunning Magazine

"Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall mountains (or at least large roots) in a single bound." There are some newer sports nutrition products on the market – superstarches - and okay, so they don't really claim to turn you into superman, but they do have some interesting properties that could help the ultrarunner solve some of their seemingly inevitable gastrointestinal distress issues and recovery problems."

"2012 Fitness Essentials: Running Man",

"When insulin levels increase, the body's ability to use fat as a fuel source is blunted. This is inherently harmful because it makes the body more reliant on carbohydrates, which are in limited supply in the body. In contrast, UCAN's SuperStarch causes a slow, consistent, time-release of energy spread over several hours and an almost negligible increase in insulin. This provides a more stable supply of energy and allows, to a larger extent, the body to use fat for fuel."

"The Trainer Who Keeps U.S. Open Star Mardy Fish Fit and Healthy", Shape

LoCascio had Fish eat a product called Generation UCAN. Generation UCAN contains the ingredient SuperStarch, which is an engineered carbohydrate that encourages your body to burn fat, because it doesn't cause much of an insulin spike as compared to other carbs.

"It was tough at first, but once the weight started to come off, it became a game for Mardy," LoCascio says. "As a highly competitive person, Mardy enjoyed being in control of his body composition and seeing how much fat he could shed."

"Mardy Fish Talks Weight Loss, Wife, Dodgeball",

Well, for starters, I feel amazing on the court after losing 30 pounds. Last September, I had a knee injury and the rib injury, so after that, I decided to work on my nutrition and fitness. I was drinking UCAN energy shakes for pre- and post-workouts and sometimes as a meal replacement. In a month, 10-15 pounds came off, and I had no idea I would lose 30 pounds.

"Introduction to Superstarch", The Eating Academy by Dr. Peter Attia

Part 1:

Part 2:

Today I simply refer to Superstarch as "superior technology." If Superstarch is an iPhone 5, all other sports nutrition products are rotary phones. They simply don't belong in the same sentence.

What Makes Generation UCAN So Special?" by Dina Griffin, MS, RD

The buzz just keeps growing about this sports nutrition product, Generation UCAN. It is a product like no other, and one being used not only by endurance athletes but also by strength and power athletes, and by those participating in team sports.

Generation UCAN : A Breakthrough in Carbohydrate Technology,

Part 1:

Part 2:

The first thing that happened after I drank a cup of Generation UCAN sports nutrition drink was nothing. It was a great and welcome nothing. Specifically, there was no blood sugar spike that normally accompanies downing Gatorade or other sugar-based sports drinks and supplements.

"Meb's Nutrition Has Him Fitter and Faster Than Ever",

"I've been using UCAN ever since I won the New York City Marathon in 2009," says Meb. "I haven't used anything else for my recovery since. After New York when I was doing a lot of appearances and wasn't able to train as hard, it helped keep me lean. People were saying 'you look lean' and asking me how many miles I was running and I said 'not much.' People thought I was running a lot of miles, but it was really my nutrition. The results speak for themselves."


Here's what went down when I tested the drink mixes according to each of Generation UCAN's recommendations for use. Since I started consuming the Sports Drink Mix before long workouts last December, I've not had a single blood-sugar bonk. If you've gone on long mountain runs with me in the past, you've probably had to, at some point, sit on a rock while I eat 500 calories and recover from a bonk. This never feels fun and I have been elated to shut that nutrition door with the use of the Sports Drink Mixes before my workouts.

Go Barefooting

I have honestly never felt better on a run or in the gym, and I've had nearly 15 years of experience in the sports supplement business, which means I've pretty much tried it all. When you use it you don't get that hyped up jittery feeling but more of an "I feel great" sense about you. Once I start my run I feel like I could do it all day, and that feeling takes a long time to go away.

NEO-Endurance Sports and Fitness

My energy was constant and I felt good at the end of the ride. One observation I made after my ride was done was that I didn't feel hungry, even 2 hours after my ride was over. I fixed myself a small healthly meal, but my post-ride appetite was noticeably reduced.

OK, Just One More Beer...

Weight management…this is no lie! Now, I'm not going to sit here and say this product will make you lose weight, but it has been known to help me when I've over indulged. When I'm looking to "reboot" and "clean" my body again, I start my morning off with a shake and I really find it helps to make me feel like I've given my body the thing I've been neglecting to supply it with (um…nutrients and all that healthy stuff) and the scale gets a little happier again :) It also taps into my body's fat stores during exercise to provide me with extra fuel while giving me the lean body I've worked so hard to maintain. Props for that! Right?

Gluten Free Fitness

Subjectively, I felt "good" and had energy to get through my workout without feeling over sugared and jittery. As an example, my fasting blood glucose level was 88 mg/dl. I had my drink, went to the gym and lifted for 45 minutes followed by 15 minutes of high intensity intervals on the elliptical. An hour after my 2nd half of UCAN (with another .5 scoop of protein added in) my glucose reading was 84. Those numbers held in that same region for all exercise of that nature.


I did, in fact, feel great during the runs I took after using the GenUCAN products. NO upset stomach (which is one of their big claims, so WIN!), no crash (another claim-->WIN). The energy didn't seem artificial, didn't induce a fuzzy buzz, like some products have (5 hour energy, anyone? no, thanks.)

Tara Burner : Balancing Healthy Mind, Body, and Soul

and for my progress on the bike…
75 minute (1 hr 15 mins) bike ride, I burnt 855 calories.
That's 7 more than my 842 calories in 75 mins and 100+ more than my measly 736 calorie ride!
And, I had more energy than I normally do.
I could've kept on going but instead here I sit at my desk, dripping sweat everywhere getting this post up for y'all to see!
I'm not beat or exhausted like other times (even doing a lesser intense ride, I'm still often beat when done).

Kevin Neeld Hockey Training and Athletic Developement

Generation UCAN has basically found a physiological loophole, where you can get a consistent time-released supply of energy AND burn more fat in the process. Essentially they've invented a healthy, more effective alternative to Gatorade and other sports drinks, which are laden with sugar. These sugar-based drinks provide quick bursts of energy, which are followed by equally quick drops in energy levels, blunting fat burning in the process. This is especially undesirable for athletes who are attempting to either lose body fat or maintain low body fat levels. After all, excess body fat is non-functional weight, meaning it won't contribute to improving performance and, in many cases, will inhibit it.