Our Story

UCAN – the name says it all! We celebrate the courage to realize your dreams and potential against all odds to create your UCAN Moment. Our moment starts with a mother and father’s quest to find a solution for their son. It is a story of need, determination, chance and triumph.

  1. 2001

    It Started with a Dream

    Jonah is born with a rare metabolic disorder that prevents him from breaking down the body’s natural source of stored energy – glycogen. This condition requires him to be tube-fed every 2 hours to maintain normal blood sugar levels. Jonah and his parents aren’t able to enjoy the simple luxury of sleeping more than a few hours at a time. A solution to their unique challenge is still just a dream.

  2. about-timeline-2004

    The Search Begins

    Jonah’s family teams up with a group of innovative thinkers in a search for a revolutionary energy source to help manage blood sugar levels. All types of carbohydrates are evaluated – pea starch, lentils, legumes, oats, rice, tapioca and more – in an effort to find the most effective food source for steady, long-lasting energy.

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    A Revolutionary, New Energy Source

    A new discovery is made in the way starches are cooked. A patient, precise cooking process developed by scientists in Europe yields a gentle, slow-digesting carbohydrate. This patented cooking method is applied to non-GMO cornstarch to deliver a steady release of glucose over several hours. The UCAN Company is formed for the purpose of manufacturing this one-of-a-kind carbohydrate, which we name SuperStarch®.

  4. 2009

    Powered by SuperStarch®

    Jonah and his parents are finally able to sleep throughout the night thanks to the steady, long-lasting energy from SuperStarch™. We conduct a clinical trial examining the impact of SuperStarch® on athletes’ energy levels. Leading nutrition experts like Dr. Jeff Volek and Olympic sports dietitian Bob Seebohar examine the research and agree that SuperStarch® is a unique energy source for athletes to keep blood sugar stable without the spike & crash.

    Regulating blood sugar and controlling blood sugar is the name of the game when it comes to controlling your nutrition, whether you’re a serious athlete focused on performance or someone who’s recreationally active and health-conscious.

    Bob Seebohar, Former U.S. Olympic Sports Dietitian
  5. 2012

    You Can With UCAN

    With validation in the lab and with Jonah, we also start to gather feedback from athletes in the field. Olympian Meb Keflezighi paves the way as the first athlete to train with SuperStarch® and experience the benefits of steady, long-lasting energy. Like Jonah, athletes like Meb also need steady blood sugar levels to avoid the spike & crash. We start to make UCAN nutrition products, powered by SuperStarch®, for athletes and active people.

    When I first saw the name UCAN, I thought how appropriate is that. We are the generation where you can achieve anything you believe is possible.

    Meb Keflezighi, Olympic Marathon Runner
  6. 2014 and Beyond

    From Jonah to Generation UCAN

    From our early roots in running, our popularity expands to professional and collegiate sports teams, thought leaders in fitness and performance, and low carb enthusiasts who all understand the importance of steady energy without sugar.

    We start hearing from people striving to achieve their own UCAN moments, like Donna Decker, who summited Mt. Everest, or Linda Quirk, a grandmother who crossed 4 of the world’s largest deserts by foot.

    From Jonah to Generation UCAN. Join us and put the “U” in UCAN by lighting up that potential within you to create your own special UCAN moment.  Let’s continue to write the story. The magic starts with believing #UCAN.