UCAN delivers smarter energy powered by SuperStarch®. UCAN products give you steady, long-lasting energy and help you avoid the spike & crash. Perform, workout, energize, recover and hydrate with UCAN to be the best U!

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    Energy Powder

    Our Energy Powders give you steady energy for athletic performance, workouts, and daily life.

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    Energy Bar

    Not your average protein bar! Our anytime Energy Bars keep you fueled and feeling good.

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    Our no sugar, zero calorie electrolyte replacement is the perfect complement to our steady energy products.

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    Starter Packs

    New to UCAN and want to try it all? Our Starter Packs offer a variety of products for athletes and active people.

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    Love our products? Show your UCAN pride with any of our UCAN swag.

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    30-90 Min
    Low Intensity

    UCAN keeps you fueled and hydrated without all the sugar to help you achieve your fitness goals.

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    30-90 Min
    High Intensity

    UCAN gives you the steady energy you need to workout hard from start to finish.

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    90+ Min

    UCAN delivers steady, long-lasting energy for your endurance training without the spikes & crash.

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