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Our story is about need, determination and chance. It started with the most basic of human instincts - a young Connecticut family's overwhelming desire to find a way to give their newborn baby boy the health that eluded him in the first days of his life. Diagnosed at birth with a rare metabolic disorder, Jonah's body was unable to break down certain carbohydrates, including glycogen. This seemingly small detail had huge implications. "Life-long," "no cure," and "life threatening" were all phrases thrown at Jonah's first-time parents, daunting words no parent expects to hear.

They soon learned that the condition required Jonah to be tube-fed every 2 hours to maintain normal blood sugar levels. Jonah wasn't even able to enjoy the simple luxury of sleeping more than a few hours at a time. Determined to put a stop to a life riddled with hospital visits and surgery, Jonah's parents aggressively spearheaded fund-raising, awareness, research, and eventually a scientific discovery that would transform their lives - Superstarch.

This complex carbohydrate provides a steady release of glucose, keeping blood-sugar levels (energy) steady for several hours. This discovery has proven to be like gold for our athletes, but it was even more significant for Jonah. It meant a chance to sleep through the night. It meant a chance to get on the ice and play hockey in the cold Connecticut air with his parents watching proudly. It meant a chance to live.

Generation UCAN was formed because of the potential of Superstarch. We see the vast possibilities to impact lives all over the world with our revolutionary, healthy energy source. From Jonah's now active and healthy daily life (with a full 8 hours of nightly dreaming!), to professional and Olympic athletes reaching their peak, to weekend warriors accomplishing their goals of crossing the finish line at a local 10k, we're transforming lives.

What started as an inspiration for Jonah and his family soon became Generation UCAN. That's our story – help us write the rest.