Training for Boston with Lindsey Hein

By Lindsey Hein, RRCA Certified Coach, Podcast Host

Training for a marathon is a lot of work. No matter who you are, everyone has other things going on in their lives that makes fitting in all the training while also paying attention to the tedious details of things like strength and stability work tough. But it’s almost always worth it, right?

My name is Lindsey Hein – I’m the mom of four young boys ages 6 and under. I’m also a podcast host and a running coach. I live in Indianapolis, IN and have been running since I was 15, when I fell in love with the sport after I joined my high school cross-country team. There’s just something special about a high school cross-country team isn’t there? Since 2008, I’ve run 14 marathons and I’ll be running my 15th marathon in Boston this April. It’s my 3rd Boston Marathon and 1st postpartum marathon after having my fourth (and last!) baby.

I’ve learned a lot about training and injury prevention and just fitting things in over the years. Each baby we add to our family adds a little more work to managing time and fitting my training in. I’m also being extra cautious postpartum as my biggest goal is getting to the starting line of Boston feeling healthy and strong. This is not the time for be chasing down a PR, though that time will come.

I had built my long run up to 11 miles in December before having minor hamstring issue pop up. I recently and went to an Athletic Trainer at St. Vincent Sports Performance, where I learned that the hamstring issue are due to the fact that I’m not properly firing my glutes when I run and my core needs some serious work (imagine that after having a baby 5 months ago. ☺)  So I took two weeks off running and focused on cross training, but have been back at it since mid January. Running mixed with a healthy dose of cross training is my formula (fueled by UCAN of course)! One thing I’ve found to work well for my life for both balance with training and injury prevention is stretching out the time between my long runs.

Over the next several weeks, I’m excited to share with you all in this space what my unique training is looking like in the two months leading up to Boston!