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UCAN is healthy energy for football players

Runners use UCAN for sustained energy without spike and crash
All physical activity requires energy, and that energy is provided by what we put into our bodies. When it comes to a sport like biking - where grueling trails, Mother Nature and long miles can equal disaster for someone who is not properly fueled - turn to Generation UCAN. We give you the energy you need, all while maintaining the fat burn you desire. Did we mention it is also easy on the stomach? Another bonus for those longer rides.

"Generation UCAN works better than anything else on my hard rides and races. I look forward to drinking it before events and am always confident I will have the energy to perform."

~ Travis Livermon

Team Mountain Khakis-SmartStop

United States International Cyclocross 2012-2013 #8 Final Ranking

"I was having difficulty maintaining my energy level and output until I started using UCAN as my main source of nutrition. UCAN not only allows me to prepare myself for training but also to refuel on the go. Easy to digest and quickly absorbed, UCAN is the perfect fuel for this rocket."

~ Julie Lyons, MSN, USAT I Triathlon Coach

Ranked All American, Elite Amateur Triathlete and Cyclist

"Hydration and fueling are huge aspects of cycling, but the intense sweet flavor of most sports drinks gets old almost as fast as their high sugar content leaves athletes depleted, especially when long workouts overlap with meals. I like how Generation UCAN products deliver long-lasting energy in a variety of mild flavors, perfect for a long day in the saddle."

~ Neil Bezdek

Team Mountain Khakis-SmartStop

"I first started using UCAN on TMK/SmartStop at the beginning of last season and was immediately impressed with its ability to keep one both hydrated and fueled at the same time. I currently use UCAN before a criterium to get a few more slow burning calories in me that are not simple sugars and thus used up super quickly. I also put it in one of my bottles when I am starting a road race as it is very often hard but important to eat in the first hour. UCAN makes that easy."

~ Jerome Townsend

Team Mountain Khakis-SmartStop

"As a pre-race meal replacement, Generation UCAN is a game changer. Trying to balance a meal with enough calories for a prolonged event like a bike race or ski mountaineering race is a challenge that typically involved not eating enough and then supplementing with various gels. UCAN provides the sustained fuel needed and is so easily digestible that is can be consumed 30 minutes prior to or just at the time of the race. It is also very beneficial to bring on long, sustained training sessions and avoids the need to carry large quantities of food. Earlier this year, I used only Generation UCAN Cranberry/Raspberry before the 7:00 am start of US Ski Mountaineering National Championships and it carried me to 3rd - Bronze - overall amateur men."

~ Rob Moran

Elite Cyclist, Ski Mountaineering-Rando Racer

Pre-workout: Drink one packet of non-protein or protein-enhanced UCAN 30-45 minutes before your ride. Hydrate with water and additional electrolytes (if necessary) during your ride. Most people find one packet to be sufficient for rides lasting 2 hours.

During: If your ride is over 2 hours, you may need a second packet of UCAN for additional energy. Many cyclists will drink a second packet 90 minutes into the ride. We recommend consuming a packet over a 10-15 minute span rather than sipping on it gradually. UCAN is your fuel source. Hydrate with water and additional electrolytes (if necessary).

Post-workout: Recover with 1-2 packets of protein-enhanced UCAN within 30 minutes of your ride.

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