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UCAN is healthy energy for football players


Runners use UCAN for sustained energy without spike and crash
There's nothing quite like the feeling of standing on top of a mountain and staring down at the world below. But you can't reach your peak without fueling your body the right way - here's where Generation UCAN comes into play. Stuff your pack with plenty of UCAN, and you'll have the energy climb for hours, days, or even weeks! Remember - when you're tens of thousands of feet above sea level - let everyone down below know that UCAN!

"I eat a tremendous amount of food and it is always one of my concerns when I am out on a long day of training. But when I drink the lemon or pomegranate UCAN (along with a bagel or cereal) before a high exertion training day, I stay evened out with my blood sugar levels which is a confidence booster for me. It is really nice knowing that I am not going to fall apart before the end of the day. I am looking forward to using the product because it is simple and easy to mix on the mountain. I am in a sport that takes weeks to complete and in the case of Everest, months. I am relieved to know that I have UCAN to get me through. From 26,000 feet to the summit of 29,035 feet, food no longer digests so fluids are essential and critical for a successful summit. I will carry my UCAN product with me right to the top of the world!"

~ Donna McCollum

Extreme Mountain Climber


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