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UCAN is healthy energy for football players


Football players use UCAN to improve body composition
So you want to be a starting quarterback in the pros? Want to lead your high school or college team to a league championship? Do you know the hard work and dedication that football players on any level need to be successful? They aren't just big - they're quick, fast, smart and can give and take a pounding and get right back up for the next play. It's got to be more than just hours in the weight room. Using Generation UCAN consistently can change body composition – making you leaner, stronger and faster – everything you need to be successful on the gridiron.

"I wouldn't speak up for anything I don't believe in and this is something I believe in. Once guys start hearing about this and see the results, they're going to love and appreciate it. On the field you can feel it. I'm not losing any energy. From a big guy's standpoint, if you can have something that cuts your weight and helps you lean up and lose body fat and can be a substitute for bad carbs, this is probably the next thing that's going to change a lot of players' lives. Not just their playing careers, but their lives in general and being healthy."

~ Vince Wilfork

Pro Football Player, Defensive Lineman


"As a pro defensive lineman, I was amazed at how Generation UCAN allowed me to play leaner while maintaining the explosiveness and strength necessary to be effective on the line! I take a UCAN before the game and another one at halftime and the fourth quarter is so much easier."

~ Mike Wright

Pro Football Player, Defensive Lineman


"Generation UCAN has been the ideal solution to the challenges of fueling the dynamic mix of athletes on a football team. From improving linemen's body composition to fueling athletes well into the 4th quarter, UCAN's ability to stabilize blood sugar and optimize fat metabolism has had a remarkable effect on my athletes during tough workouts and on game day. We've seen huge gains in fat loss without sacrificing power. UCAN has truly been a game changer."

~ Joel Tortoro

Sports Dietitian for Pro and Collegiate Athletes


Generation UCAN is the perfect energy source for football players to use while training or on game day. During training, take one packet of Generation UCAN sports drink mix 30-45 minutes before a workout or practice. Hydrate with water in between drills or excercises. On game day, take one packet of Generation UCAN sports drink mix 30-45 minutes before the opening kickoff. Hydrate with water throughout the first half. To maintain energy during the second half and into the fourth quarter, take a second packet of UCAN at halftime. For muscle recovery after practice or after the game, take one packet of Generation UCAN protein-enhanced sports drink mix.

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