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UCAN is healthy energy for football players


Runners use UCAN for sustained energy without spike and crash
Everyone has friends that run – for some it's a way of life, an obsession, or therapy. For others it's about pushing their bodies towards a personal best. Whether you are a recreational runner or an elite competitor, Generation UCAN will help you break that 4 year-old PR or crack the top ten. How? By making your body more metabolically efficient – using carbs and fat for fuel. Go longer and be stronger. Start with your nutrition and Generation UCAN. There is nothing like it – just ask Meb or Chris or Simon. UCAN Run to Live. UCAN Live to Run.

"I am excited to be part of Generation UCAN. I believe this product, its team and the company's vision will change the face of sports nutrition. Since I've been using Generation UCAN for my workouts, I've noticed improvements in both my performance and metabolic state. I recommend all runners try it to experience the benefits firsthand."

~ Meb Keflezighi

Professional Runner, Olympic Medalist


"Generation UCAN has given me the confidence to know that I can train and race at my body's optimal performance. UCAN is a product I can take before a race with confidence knowing it won't be detrimental or upset my stomach during the race."

~ Simon Bairu

Professional Runner, Canadian 10,000M Record Holder


"UCAN, once my secret weapon, has absolutely enhanced my training and race performance. As I have become more metabolically fit, consuming UCAN before and after races allows me the freedom to perform at a very consistent level and to maintain an even glucose level while eliminating the 'yo-yo effect' once so prevalent for me. Beyond how it has raised the bar in my racing performance, most exciting to me is that I no longer have to worry about carbohydrate loading. I am free because UCAN empowered me!!"

~ Linda Quirk



For runs under two hours, take one packet of Generation UCAN sports drink mix 30-45 minutes before your run. Hydrate with water during your run. For runs over two hours, many runners will either take two packets of UCAN before the run or take one packet before the run and a second packet about 90 minutes in. It all depends on your need for additional energy and the metabloic efficiency of your body. Some runners have found it effective to mix one packet of UCAN with a couple ounces of water to create a gel paste for consumption during a run. For muscle recover, take one packet of Generation UCAN protein-enhanced sports drink mix immediately after your run.

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