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UCAN is healthy energy for football players


Runners use UCAN for sustained energy without spike and crash
Swimming long and short distances requires peak physical performance, so why are so many swimmers still hydrating with sugar? Generation UCAN helps swimmers avoid GI distress and sugar crashes often experienced with many of today's popular energy drinks. We don't know about you, but the last place we would want to fade out is while we were in water.

"After hearing about athletes "accidentally" testing positive for banned substances or stories of companies having banned ingredients in their products, I was always skeptical about ANY product. That is until one day a close friend of mine and training partner (who researches anything he puts into his body) recommended using Generation UCAN. So I tried the product, had a great workout, no big deal. I went the next day without using it and had the worst workout. The difference was night and day.

With UCAN, I felt like I had a second, third, and fourth wind of energy between each set. I was able to train at a higher intensity for longer workouts without feeling the usual faintness and fatiguing, and I'm talking about 4 hours of intense workouts! Within three weeks of using the product, my body fat went from 12% to 6%! No more Gatorade stomach aches or Red Bull spike and crash. I passed this product on to half of my teammates and triathlon friends and they all felt the same effects. We even had a girl qualify for World Championships and improve so much, she won the bronze medal! This is no mental trick. GENERATION UCAN WORKS!"

~ Elvis Burrows

Olympic Swimmer


As it can be difficult in the midst of a hard session with quick intervals to grab any nutrition, UCAN makes for a perfect pre-loading drink prior to swimming. For any session, take one packet of Generation UCAN sports drink mix 30-45 minutes before you get in the water. Dependent on total distance covered or duration of the session, you may also take in more packets of UCAN before the workout or have some on deck in a sports bottle for sipping throughout. It is very dependent on your individual need for additional energy and the metabolic efficiency of your body. After your training session, take one packet of Generation UCAN protein-enhanced sports drink mix.

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