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UCAN is healthy energy for football players


Runners use UCAN for sustained energy without spike and crash
Most people don't think tennis is an endurance sport – you ever try playing a five setter in the heat? Two warriors smacking a little yellow ball as hard as they can - back and forth, running from the baseline to the net, side to side – tennis is constant movement that requires energy and more energy. Generation UCAN puts the tennis athlete in the ideal performance state with consistent energy throughout the match, from the first ace to the last forehand winner just kissing the sideline. Generation UCAN - don't serve without it.

"Generation UCAN was instrumental in giving me sustained energy and strength through all my tough workouts and matches while helping me achieve ideal weight. With Generation UCAN I have the confidence to go beyond because I start strong and finish strong."

~ Mardy Fish

Professional Tennis Player


"I have researched and tested many nutritional products that claim to provide a performance edge to athletes. My observation of the players who are using Generation UCAN as part of their calculated nutritional program is that this is by far the best product for maximizing their performance. It is better than anything I have seen in the marketplace."

~ Pat Etcheberry

Strength & Fitness Trainer, Legendary Tennis Coach


Take one packet of Generation UCAN sports drink mix 30-45 minutes before your match. Hydrate with water. If the match lasts longer than two hours, take a second packet of UCAN in between sets or 90 minutes in for additional energy. For muscle recovery, take one packet of Generation UCAN protein-enhanced sports drink mix after your match.

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