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What you'll need:
  • :: UCAN packet of your choice
  • :: Cold water
  • :: UCAN Blender Bottle

  • What to do:

    Tear, pour, shake! It's that simple.

    ucan-how to use

    We recommend mixing the full Generation UCAN powder packet with 8-12 oz of cold water. Drink our Cranberry Raspberry, Pomegranate Blueberry, or Lemonade sports drink 30-45 minutes before your workout to allow your body enough time to breakdown Superstarch. Drink our Chocolate or Vanilla protein drink within 30 minutes post-workout to help your body recover efficiently.

    The beauty of UCAN is that UCAN use it however works best for U! Some of our extreme endurance athletes prefer to use 2 packets before their activity, while others consume it in intervals depending on length of activity and need. Our Chocolate and Vanilla protein drinks contain the same amount of Superstarch as our sports drinks, so they can also be consumed before a workout and will provide the same energy and fat-burning benefits. To maximize the benefits of Superstarch, avoid mixing UCAN with sugary drinks.