Energy Powered by SuperStarch

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UCAN delivers smarter energy powered by SuperStarch®, a slow-release complex carbohydrate that uniquely delivers steady, long-lasting energy to keep you fueled and feeling good!



Avoid the crash with feel-good energy that keeps your hunger cravings in check.

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Meet the new UCAN! We've got a fresh new look for the same smart nutrition you know and love.

Meet The New UCAN

Our Story

UCAN – the name says it all! We celebrate the courage to realize your dreams and potential against all odds to create your own UCAN Moments. Our moment starts with a mother and father’s quest to find a solution for their son. It is a story of need, determination, chance and triumph.

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Bob Seebohar

2008 US Olympic Sports Dietitian

Revolutionary is a strong word, but it completely fits. SuperStarch is completely revolutionizing the way I work with athletes. It’s completely changing the way sports dietitians, coaches, and athletes are thinking about how to fuel the body.

Dr. Cathy Yeckel

Human Metabolism Researcher

We’ve always thought of energy as being like, ‘we need sugar, we need it now, we need it rapidly’, and this turns everything on its head. SuperStarch gives little bits of energy over time and keeps the system stable.

Dr. Jeff Volek

Low Carbohydrate Researcher

SuperStarch represents a major advancement and is legitimately the most exciting development in sports nutrition this century. It provides a carbohydrate source that delivers steady energy without blocking the ability to burn fat because of its minimal response on blood sugar and insulin.

Powered by SuperStarch®

Our patented ingredient gives you a slow-release of carbs for steady and balanced energy.

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Energy Powered by SuperStarch

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