Energy Powered by SuperStarch


UCAN SuperStarch® is a natural solution to sustain energy, without sugar or caffeine, so you stay balanced throughout the day.


The SuperStarch Advantage

  • Maintains Stable Blood Sugar

    UCAN SuperStarch® is a performance fuel unlike any other. It doesn’t cause a spike and crash in blood glucose, delivering energy without sugar, which allows the body to burn fat efficiently.

  • Steady, Long-Lasting Energy

    The key to unlocking long-lasting energy is to sustain consistent blood sugar levels in the body. UCAN products keep you fueled longer than other energy products that require frequent re-dosing.

  • Backed by Clinical Science

    UCAN evolved from a food that provided up to 10 hours of energy for children with a rare metabolic disorder into a clinically-proven performance fuel for elite and professional athletes.

  • Non-GMO, Plant Based

    SuperStarch is a patented, high-quality, complex carbohydrate made from a specific strain of non-GMO corn. It's a food product that goes through a proprietary, natural cooking process to create a complex molecule that delivers a steady release of energy.

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Trusted By The Best

Professional Runner, Olympian, Filmmaker

Alexi Pappas

"Fueling and recovery is so important to endurance athletes, and there’s no product I trust more than UCAN."

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Pro Triathlete, Ironman Champion, World Champion

Tim O'Donnell

"With UCAN in my daily routine, I know I’m maximizing my recovery and optimizing my nutrition."

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Professional Swimmer

Michael Andrew

"UCAN is the only carbohydrate product I have ever used that truly gives me the lasting energy I need to get through the tough training sessions and long competitions."

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Professional Runner, Nurse Anesthetist

Sarah Sellers

"I think it’s really cool that UCAN keeps your blood sugar at a stable level so that sugar doesn’t have to be part of the pre-workout equation."

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