Hydrate Starter Pack

12 Hydrate Sticks (4 of each flavor)

$12.00 $10.00

Product Description

Train with the Official Hydration of the Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon! Our Hydrate electrolyte replacement with no sugar and zero calories is a great-tasting way for athletes to get the fluids they need without packing on the extra calories from sugary sports drinks. Hydrate has 5 essential electrolytes to prevent cramping and dehydration.

  • This starter pack includes 12 hydrate sticks; try 4 sticks each of our Berry, Lemon-Lime, and Watermelon flavors
  • Formulated by an Olympic dietitian to replenish the mix of nutrients lost in sweat.
  • 2x more magnesium per serving compared to other popular electrolyte products; magnesium aids energy production.
  • No artificial ingredients like acesulfame potassium or sodium benzoate

Product Specs

Hydrate Starter Pack, Electrolyte Replacement, 12 Count

Flavors Include:
- Berry (4)
- Lemon-Lime (4)
- Watermelon (4)

How to Use

  • Mixing tips: Mix 1 serving with 16-20 oz water and shake well.
  • Workout: Drink 1 serving of UCAN hydrate every 1-2 hours before, during, or after exercise.
  • Daily: For people leading an active lifestyle, drinking 1 serving of UCAN hydrate during the day is a great way to drink more fluids and avoid sugary drinks.

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